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We are usually asked about:
Ordering questions

What is the order procedure ?

    1.Email the enquiry to
    2.Our professional sales team will provide you with an official quotation through e-mail.
    3.After 30% deposit and samples charge are received, we will start the pre-product sample manufacturing procedure. This take about 5-7 working days.

Payment questions

What is the payment method ?

    Bank Deposit or Telegraphic Transfer.

What is the payment term ?

    1. For buyers in Hong Kong: 30% deposit is required and balance before shipment.
    2. For overseas buyers: T/T or Paypal 30% deposit and T/T or Paypal balance before shipment.

Printing questions
Design questions

Can you design the clothes for our company ?

    Our professional in-house designer team is always ready to design the clothes for clients. The design fee depends on the size of the project.

Production questions

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    MOQ of most of the items is 1,000 pcs. However, we can merge the manufacturing process with an existing order if not reaching the MOQ.

What is the production time ?

    1.The production time of pre-production sample is 7-15 working days after 30% deposit and printing setup charge received.
    2.The lead time of manufacturing process depends on the order quantity. Normally the lead time is between 35-60 days.

Can I get the clothes sample from you ?

    1.Will charge you USD100/PCS sample if you no need to custom any logo on it, and will refund when you confirm the order.
    2.If you need custom some logo on the clothes  sample will charge you the logo mould charge and won’t refund.

Package questions

What is the packaging of the garments ?

    1.Each clothes  is well protected by an individual polybag. 
    2. Besides the clothes pouch, you can choose some other luxury packaging such as  box etc. The price is based on the material that you choose.

Delivery questions

What is the delivery charge ?

    1. Our price including all FOB documents charge.
    2. Quoted the price base on the shipping port is Xiamen, if requested ship the umbrellas from other sea port. There will some shipping surcharge. It is base on which sea port you changed.

How can I receive your samples ?

    1. Overseas buyer: You should provide us with the courier account such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS etc. We will not be responsible for the delivery charge of the samples. Or you pay the shipping cost to us advance and we help you to pay the forwarder in our side, this way will be cheaper.
    2. Local buyer: You should provide us with the full mailing address. We will send the samples to you by local courier.

Company questions

Why should we buy the products from JSPEED company ?

    1. JSPEED clothes company is one of the leading companies in clothes design and manufacturing industry. With 10 years of experience in this market. We have diverse series of umbrella products for retail and promotion purpose. With the spirit of searching for excellent quality, we have established world-known enterprises client base such as Disney, Givenchy, Citibank, Lexus etc.
    2. JSPEED’s production facilities are located in FUJIAN Province, China. There are over 300 full time and part time professional staff join us to work together. With more than 10 years of experience and 8,000 square feet of factory building area, the production capacity can reach up to 300,000 pieces per month.

Material questions
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